Levels of Mercy Giving:

Mercy Circle ($50,000 +)

Catherine McAuley Circle ($20,000 – 49,000)

Sr. Elizabeth Candon Circle ($10,000 – 19,999)

Leadership Circle

($5,000 – 9,999)

Empowerment Circle

($2,500 – 4,999)

Community Circle

($1,000 – 2,499)

Friends ($500 – 999)

Supporters ($1 – 499)


Mercy Connections participants

Support Mercy Connections

     What if we all have the courage and generosity to act on the infinite energy of the heart and soul? Together we can help people re-discover their loveliness, experience a sense of worth, dignity and possibility, and realize their dreams. Mercy Connections offers kindness and strategic programming that create positive differences in people’s lives and our Vermont community. 

     We invite you to join and partner with us this year. Please make a gift that will convert obstacles and challenges into positive results, blessings and opportunities. We are hope-filled, grateful and determined. Thank you for sharing and supporting our vision of a more just, compassionate and productive community.

                                           John Bossange signature

    Dolly Fleming,                                               John Bossange,

    Executive Director                                         Chair of the Board