Get Involved

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.”

~Norman Vincent Peale

Getting involved can be an intimidating prospect. The good news? You can be a part of and see monumental, real results. At Mercy Connections, we believe everyone can be impactful. There are plenty of ways to get involved with Mercy Connections:  

  • Encourage attendance and come to the Annual Mercy Connections Luncheon
  • Make a financial gift to our annual fund
  • Become a Tutor and help students Tuesdays and Thursday mornings
  • Participate in the Mentoring Training and explore becoming a Mentor for a woman re-entering community from the local correctional facility
  • Solicit a special item for the Annual May Silent Auction
  • Come join us for one of our Thursday Community Fellowship Noon Meals
  • Contribute food  or prepare a dish for one of our Thursday Community Meals
  • Make a special food treat for one of our Program Graduations
  • Attend one of the many Program Graduation Ceremonies and celebrate the accomplishments of the participants who are graduating
  • Sponsor and host a House Party to introduce others to Mercy Connections
  • Volunteer to serve as the Welcome Receptionist on busy days
  • Organize and put together reentry gift bags for women leaving prison
  • Solicit store gift cards that can be used as incentives for successful participants who are struggling financially
  • Help raise resources and join the Development Committee
  • If you have business expertise, consider reviewing student business plans or mentoring a WSBP student or graduate or new entrepreneur
  • Teach a Computer Class or series or provide one-on-one computer coaching
  • Assist the instructors and help students in the Citizenship Prep Classes
  • Assist staff with marketing and outreach
  • Organize and support an educational or recreational field trip for participants

    Consult with staff and explore how your special skills, talents or credentials might best be applied to our mission and work!