Sherridan – participant

“I found open arms, acceptance and a safe place.”

Hard to believe it was only a few years ago that I found Mercy Connections. I was in a totally stagnant place in my life – had been there for years. I was depressed and broke and felt all alone. I had stopped hoping or dreaming or even thinking about the future. I finally went to see a counselor at Howard Center. While I was in the waiting room, I read about Mercy Connections in a flyer. The counselor agreed that it might be a good place for me to check out.

I put a toe in the water, and went to one of their Thursday lunches. What did I find there, besides the yummy food? I found open arms and acceptance and a safe place. I learned they have classes, and support. What’s really special is that people are welcomed where they are at, and encouraged to grow in their own direction, at their own pace.

Mercy has allowed me to hope and dream again. I have begun to move forward again. Though, like everything else with age, much slower than I used to.

What’s my favorite thing about Mercy, besides their wonderful Thursday food (LOL)? It’s the feeling of belonging somewhere. I would tell anyone who is lost like I was, “Go to Mercy Connections.” They will help broaden your world and open your mind. They will help you find healing, hope and kindness. Plus friendships!