Why We Support Mercy Connections

                                     Members of our Board of Directors share why they value giving back to Mercy Connections.                              We invite you to join our Board by supporting our vital work in the community. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift today!

Scott Boardman Headshot Cropped

Scott Boardman

President, Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group

"I support the work of Mercy Connections to help the most vulnerable in our community better their lives through education, social kindness and mentoring. Through the Women's Small Business program, Mercy Connections is also an economic engine assisting women to start businesses, creating jobs that are critical to a vibrant community."


Matt Daly

Attorney, Daly & Daly, P.C.

"I am proud to devote time, energy and resources to Mercy Connections because I have seen, firsthand, the positive difference Mercy Connections makes on the lives of dozens of individuals in my home community."

Arline Duffy Headshot

Arline Duffy

Partner/Shareholder, Sheehy Furlong & Behm, P.C.

"I believe the services that Mercy Connections delivers, led by a dedicated and caring staff, provide powerful, life-changing opportunities to members of our community. It is such a pleasure to see staff find so much joy in the success of their students and program participants and I am truly grateful to be able to help the mission of this amazing organization!"


Rosa Laboy-Hernandez

Director of Talent Management, University of Vermont Medical Center

"We can’t believe in ourselves until someone believes in us.

We don’t know how to love ourselves until someone shows us the kindness and forgiveness that is love.

We can’t live our best life without the courage that having a safe place to hold us up can bring.

I support Mercy Connections because they provide all of the above and more to everyone who steps through their door!"


Kathy LaCross

Vice President of Community Banking,      Northfield Savings Bank

"Mercy Connections brings hope to those that may not find it elsewhere by offering a connection with people that care and understand their struggles and challenges. By providing relevant programs and a nurturing environment people are supported in a way that encourages pride through their accomplishments and tools to make their dreams become attainable."

Michell Langlais Headshot Cropped

Michell Langlais

Director of Sales, Westport Hospitality

"I support Mercy Connections because they believe that everyone deserves a chance at finding their self-worth in order to live their best life. With a mission to assist this critical community population, specifically women, who are challenged financially, emotionally, and socially, through mentoring, compassion, empathy and educational programming, their support and welcoming environment provide the means for folks to become more self-sufficient and to change their lives for the better."

Amit Lodha headshot

Amit Lodha

Manufacturing Manager, BioTek Instruments, Inc.

"I so appreciate and support the wonderful work that Mercy Connections does, particularly in the areas of justice and mentoring. These programs benefit women facing significant barriers, helping them be successful in life and in their community. I am proud to be a part of this mission."

Subha Luck headshot

Subha Luck

National Sales Manager, Rhino Foods

"It’s with great pleasure that I commit time and energy to Mercy Connections. I love that the diverse programs provide education, mentoring and emotional support to move people towards self-sufficiency and greater confidence. As a result of their wide-reaching presence, welcoming and supportive staff, and unique programming, our community is a better place."

Louisa Schibli Cropped

Louisa Schibli

Co-Founder, Milk Money Vermont
Partner, Vermont Works

"Not only does the Women's Small Business Program program give participants the opportunity and tools they need to start a business, but more importantly women gain the self confidence, connections and support to make economic stability a reality. Mercy's warm and welcoming space combined with their other programs offering women access to education, justice and mentoring builds strong relationships, nurtures resilience and a vibrant, loving community."

Heidi St. Peter Headshot

Heidi St. Peter

Assistant Director of Academic Support, St. Michael’s College

"Within every program of Mercy Connections is the legacy of hope, kindness, encouragement, empowerment, and LOVE that has been a staple in our community for years. I am empowered by the depth of relationship, respect, and concern in each interaction."

Mary Sullivan Headshot Cropped

Mary Sullivan

"Mercy Connections touches my soul. To see people reach their potential becaue Mercy Connections found, believed in, and guided them is so inspiring and joyful, and it is an honor to serve on the board of trustees for such a dedicated, impactful organization."

Leandre Waldo headshot

Leandre Waldo

Chief of Staff, Saint Michael's College


"Mercy Connections fills a critical gap in our community, by helping some of the most fragile among us gain confidence, grow their skills and achieve their goals in a supportive environment that fundamentally appreciates and honors their value. I share Mercy's belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and support their work because no other organization is doing this relevant, vitally important, deeply compassionate work."