It is my honor to be part of the Mercy Connections community. I am inspired daily by our participants who find their purpose and place while engaging in the vibrant learning community here at Mercy Connections.

Many people come to Mercy Connections with significant challenges in their lives. Some experience poverty, isolation, mental health issues or are in recovery from addiction. Others are in transition with work or adjusting to culture and language in a new country. Yet each person seeks and bravely works towards a better life for themselves and their families.

By my desk, I keep a piece of paper with the hopes some of our participants have shared. It is there to keep me grounded in the most important work we do—helping our people reach their greatest personal aspirations and promise.

Let me share some examples in their own words:

  • I hope to gain more confidence. I really need to get a job and keep it.
  • I hope to have a healthy baby. Start a new life with my baby and myself. I want to build skills to help me stay clean and stay out of jail.
  • I hope to learn to talk and speak up for myself in a healthy adult manner, with respect, learning to live in the community and be active.
  • I hope to build a deeper sense of purpose and begin forming my career path. I want to fill a business niche in my community that gives back and makes it stronger.
  • I hope I pass the exam and become a US citizen.
  • One person simply wrote self-respect and confidence.

Generous donors like you help turn hopes into reality for the hundreds of people who find their path forward through Mercy Connections.

Today, too many Vermonters struggle with limited resources, barriers to getting ahead and lack of community. At Mercy Connections, every person is treated with dignity, respect and compassion. They all receive the tools necessary to build skills, confidence and social connection. Our 350 participants discover their own significance and reach personal goals as a part of the Mercy Connections community.

Through our three interconnected program areas, we proudly help aspiring women entrepreneurs launch and sustain their businesses; support women re-entering community after incarceration with mentoring and other risk reduction strategies; and empower adults to reach their goals through tutoring, citizenship preparation, self-discovery classes and support groups.

Mercy Connections truly transforms lives. We can succeed only with your generous support.

With gratitude,

Lisa Falcone

Executive Director