Mercy Connections is a vibrant mission-driven organization. More importantly, our programs and services help improve the lives of the people we serve and nurture. We are passionate about our mission and trust you share our vision for a more compassionate, just and productive community.

Thomas Merton reminds us that “In the end, it is the reality of personal relationships that saves everything.” We rely upon and treasure our donors and supporters and invite you to join us by making a generous gift. Together we can build and sustain effective programs, nurture relationships and generate positive results.

Here are some examples of how your gift nurtures self-sufficiency:

  • $50 contributes to one of our weekly community lunches
  • $100 helps support our mentor events
  • $150 supports a student exploring business ownership in our Getting Serious class
  • $250 prepares a participant for US citizenship
  • $500 or more will help us to fulfill our mission

We turn to you with confidence and commitment. Please make a gift today.


Dolly Fleming
Executive Director