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Groups & Classes

Our Program Coordinators lead classes designed to encourage women and men to make positive life changes, overcome obstacles and move forward with their lives. Additionally, they run our tutoring program offering individualized support for English Language Learners and others aiming to strengthen their literacy and math skills and teach our class in American Citizenship Preparation as well as our Pens & Pages book and writing class.

We also offer peer support groups, computer tutorials, enrichment activities and special celebrations for Education & Transition Program participants.

Here’s a link to our class descriptions and Fall 2019 Schedule for more information.

Contact Cathy Ainsworth, Director of Education & Transition Programming today for more information.

Fall Workshops & Events:

Mercy Marketplace

Workshops: Sept.  24- Nov. 26,  2nd & 4th Tuesdays 2 pm- 4 pm; Rehearsal: Tuesday Dec.  3rd, 3 pm-4 pm

Event: Saturday, Dec. 7th,  10 am- 3 pm (tentative)


Opening  to  Your Life- explore self-awareness and personal development

Friday October 18th, 9 am- 3 pm

Come discover and honor your strengths and become in touch with those things that bring joy and balance to your life. Through a series of activities and reflections, you will focus on your authentic self and learn core life skills that promote self-development and positive connections.


Setting a Direction: visioning and utilizing insights for life change

Friday November 15th,  9 am- 3  pm

In this one-day workshop, you will explore how your experiences, challenges and opportunities can move you in a direction of new possibilities. Creative activities will invite you to understand and claim your courage as you chart your life journey and practice skills that support life change.