Mercy Marketplace

Wednesdays 2-4pm • Sept. 29-Dec. 8, 2021

A supportive & inclusive series of classes for entrepreneurial artists & crafters

Learn the basics of business ­including pricing, inventory management, sales, customer service, and how to sell your products online. At the end of the course, you will participate in a marketplace event supported by Mercy Connections to showcase your work and put your newly-developed skills to use.

Developing Self (via Zoom)

Monday & Wednesday 10:00am- Noon, 9/27-10/27, with Heather Gilbert

This class offers a great first step on a new journey to overcome life’s challenges. You will learn to reflect on experiences, and re-frame their impact on your future. Participants will reconnect with core strengths and values, and gain a new sense of belonging.

MAP! – Make an Action Plan (via zoom)

Tuesdays 10:30 am-Noon, 9/28-12/7, with Heather Gilbert and Kelly Moran

Come make an action plan to get ahead with the life you want to lead after the pandemic. Guest speakers from organizations will be invited to the class so you can build community connections, while learning about and developing your own SMART goals. Then implement your plan in this supportive class, with assistance from the instruction team.

Circle (via zoom)

Thursdays 11am-12pm

A facilitated group reflecting on peace, hope, and renewal.

A supportive program to find strength and motivation for your positive life changes.

Register online or contact Heather Gilbert at for more information