Stories of Mercy Connections
Stories of Mercy Connections
Stories of Mercy Connections
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Stories of Mercy Connections

The Mercy Connections way is to create space for all to be seen, heard, valued, and connected within a community of people who uplift one another. Each person's experience is unique. Here are a few stories from people in this community.

Jidapa pointing on map to tutor and smiling
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U.S. Citizenship Participant


Jidapa has been a student at Mercy Connections since 2022, enrolled in the U.S. Citizenship Preparation Tutoring program. After a year and a half of studying, she took and passed the U.S. Citizenship Test in 2024.

Tricia Bisson
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Becoming a Leader


"I cannot wait to start helping others like they have helped me. Mercy Connections has been such a positive support system in my life and to my sobriety."

Marie Teme
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Opening doors for entrepreneurs


"Mercy Connections, to me, was an open door to the Burlington and Vermont community. I want to be an inspiration to those who face difficulties in life. No matter what YOU are going through, you can use your story to inspire others."

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I became my own best advocate through Mercy Connections


"I’ve been going to Mercy Connections for six years, and there I have a loving supporting community. There’s the family you are born into and the family you make."

Linda Yekeh
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New U.S. citizen & graduate


"Mercy Connections has given a lot of refugees and immigrants the opportunity to pursue their dreams in life."

Mark K
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Mercy Connections taught me to give back


“It may not be at a fast pace, but I’m inspired to keep moving forward.”