New U.S. citizen & graduate

Linda Yekeh
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New U.S. citizen & graduate

"Mercy Connections has given a lot of refugees and immigrants the opportunity to pursue their dreams in life."

Linda Yekeh, New U.S. citizen & graduate of the U.S. Citizenship Preparation class

I came to America from Liberia, Africa in 2013 to create a better life for myself and to join family that was already living here. My husband and daughters joined me here a few years later. I am one of eight children, and six of us remain in Liberia. There were many rebels in the area, looting, and exchanging gunfire. My sister and I would be in the middle of it looking for food every day. Sometimes we only had one cup of rice to feed eight of us, and other times we had no food at all for three to four days. When there was a ceasefire, we took that opportunity to leave Liberia.

Because I moved to America, I was able to get a good job to better financially support myself and my family. I work as a nursing assistant and find it rewarding to help those who cannot help themselves. I am able to give my children the life I never had in Africa.

I came to know Mercy Connections because I am pursuing my citizenship. They set me up with a tutor and the resources needed to take the tutoring classes. I am ready to take the citizenship test and be interviewed. In fact, tomorrow I will be taking my citizenship test. I have waited a long time and am thankful I have gotten to this point with the help of Mercy Connections. Without them, I don’t think I would have ever gotten this far.

I am positive I will be proud to call myself an American citizen soon. Mercy Connections has given a lot of refugees and immigrants the opportunity to pursue their dreams in life.

Through the U.S. Citizenship Preparation Program, Mercy Connections prepares more people to become citizens than any other organization in the state of Vermont. The program provides one-on-one tutoring study for the U.S. Citizenship Test, learn about the application process, and practice English language skills.

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