stock photo of two people working together at a meeting
stock photo of two people working together at a meeting
stock photo of two people working together at a meeting
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Academic Tutoring

Lifelong learning in a supportive community

Mercy Connections provides one-on-one and small group tutoring, breaking down barriers to enable students to reach specific educational goals.

Meeting the Needs of Adult Students

We offer a wide variety of tutoring options for students in many fields of study. Referrals are not necessary, but can come from partner organizations such as Vermont Adult Learning, Howard Center, and others. Students are matched with talented volunteer tutors who are dedicated and experienced in meeting the needs of adult learners with specific goals.

One-On-One Learning

Tutors help students with basic reading and writing skills, life skills such as reading bus schedules and signs, and accessing community resources. Additionally, we offer tutoring to students seeking support for proficiency in math. 

Students come for a variety of reasons. They may be first-generation college students needing academic support, students preparing for a GED or high school equivalency, or students seeking advancement in employment or technical field.

Beyond classroom learning, Mercy Connections offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where human beings feel valued and respected. We emphasize individual planning to help students reach specific educational goals.

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At Mercy Connections, I found that the tutors and students are all very respectful and friendly. I did some goal setting and I started meeting with my tutor every week. Because of this, I passed my CCV math class. I feel welcomed and my confidence has improved!

— Isnino (math student)